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I am The Polyamorous Personal Freedom Coach and I help others live free by loving free.

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Whether you're polyamorous, curious about polyamory, or simply want to bring more love and joy into your life, you're in the right place. Mindfulness helped me navigate polyamory many years ago, and then polyamory gave me the gift of time and solitude to fully embrace a life of spirituality, coaching others, and writing.

Three important notes:

1. Polyamory, to me, means a life of more love...of unconditional love. It signifies freedom in life with less rules in exchange for more honesty, openness, and communication.

2. I am not a relationship coach and cannot fix a broken relationship, but I can help you love yourself so deeply that you will attract exactly what you deserve. Sometimes that means time alone to learn more about yourself so you can enter your next relationship whole and happy.

3. You will benefit from my coaching if you are looking for the tools that will help you navigate a polyamorous lifestyle or any lifestyle that values freedom, trust, honesty, and unconditional living.

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Loving free has allowed me to build a beautiful life of living free, and I welcome you to embark on your own journey of Personal Freedom.

Loving free means a life with more joy, peace, and of course, love. This doesn't always mean the love of another, for it first means love for yourself and loving the time you have for yourself and for the work of discovering who YOU truly are and why you are here.


Loving free welcomes in a life of less stress, anger, comparisons, judgments, possessiveness, jealousy, and attachments.


Loving free means embracing the true nature of who you are and living the life of your dreams...a life that's true to you regardless of what others think.

Head over to Coaching Offerings or Client Stories to learn about Personal Freedom Coaching, or check out my About page to learn more about my journey. You can also email me if you'd like to say hello.

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