"If your work feels like play,

it isn't work at all... wouldn't you say?"

Hi! I'm Mike.

From riding a corporate desk for nearly a decade, bartending around the world, starting businesses, and writing books, I've done and seen a lot. I've lived in New York City, the Caribbean, explored Australia and New Zealand, and have worked and played in bustling resort towns. Through it all, I've learned that nothing external can create happiness...it truly is an inside job.

As a Personal Freedom Coach, I help others gain clarity and direction in their lives by introducing them to the same tools that have helped me, such as meditation and practicing mindfulness. By shifting perspectives and teaching how to listen and go within, I am able to help others find more peace and happiness in their lives...right now.

I am also the author of a feel-good book of mindful poems called "Dogs Get It: Advice I learned from my best friend", and the Children's Book "How Much Fun It Would Be To Be A Wild Animal From A-Z". These projects are always amazing collaborations with my friend and  illustrator, Hannah Chavez.


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Passionately coaching, writing, and creating from my quarantined home in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Stay happy, healthy, and positive all!!

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