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"Dogs Get It: Advice I learned from my best friend"

I work with amazing people who are simply tired of feeling unclear, unhappy, and unfulfilled.


They know that life could feel so much better but don't know what to do about it.


They're fed up with precious time passing them by.

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My clients incorporate beautiful, new rituals into their lives while shedding old habits that are no longer serving them. They learn how to live in the moment and also how to stop worrying about what others think. They discover freedom and no longer let fear or complacency keep them imprisoned any longer. They love more deeply and beautifully than ever before.

These huge-hearted humans gain back time in their lives for the things that truly matter. They gain clarity and no longer feel stuck...or that they are wasting time any longer. They experience less stress and are able to enjoy life's precious moments so much more.​​

Clients of mine have received clarity in so many areas of life. They have begun new relationships, reinvigorated stuck relationships, and exited broken and toxic relationships. They have begun new careers, overhauled their businesses, and created new businesses. They have gotten healthy and overcome grief, anxiety, severe depression, and so much more.

Alisa and Mike Messeroff - Stormy Solis Photography

​​I've selected a few Clients and their stories to share with you:

Alessandro - An overscheduled manager regains his freedom and now appreciates life every day while also pursuing his dream of acting. "Working with Mike has been a life-changing experience. To anyone looking to work with him, do it. Just do it."


Ema - A worn-out small-business owner has now navigated through a divorce with integrity and grace and into a life of freedom and passion. "Mike saved my life. Thanks to him, I am a different person compared to who I was last year."


Chris - A busy producer in a polyamorous relationship discovers freedom in travel, moving his home, and starting his own business. "Working with Mike was a game changer, and I can honestly say that working with Mike is the best investment I've made."


Tito - An absent and extremely-depressed CEO, husband, and father now lives a present life filled with overflowing love and joyful moments every day. "The debt of gratitude that I feel towards Mike is almost indescribable. I never knew how much I needed this work."

Mallory - An ambitious saleswoman gains independence by leaving unhealthy relationships and a lack of self-worth in the past, freeing her up to pursue the things in life that bring her true joy. "If you told me a year and a half ago that I’d be divorced and happier than ever I wouldn’t have believed you, but here I am and it’s happening. Working with Mike is something that everyone needs." 

Joe - A recently single and semi-retired tattoo artist has now moved from feeling stuck and lacking direction to a life of freedom on the road surrounded by four-legged love. "I can't say enough about it...working with Mike has changed my life."


Joey - An angry, explosive tradesman and overworked business manager went from panic attacks and pains in his chest to learning how to calm his mind and body. "I literally tear up thinking about Mike and how much he impacted my life."

Lenka - A caretaker, business owner, and mom learns to love herself, delegate more, and work less...thereby creating the life of her dreams. "Mike helped me realize how strong and powerful I am. I went from being stuck in anxiety and fear to being absolutely in love with life...I only wish I had done this sooner."

Brittany - A fed-up and unfulfilled manager attracts in the job of her dreams while simultaneously reinvigorating her relationship and pursuing her passion of writing. "I am so glad that I invested in myself for once because it has already paid off in so many areas of my life."

If you are ready for massive transformation, I believe there's a reason you are here and still reading this. 


Remember, I've been there...feeling stuck and unfulfilled, grinding it out and never feeling truly happy; caught in a system of rules, expectations, and an intricate system of deferring happiness. I got out of that trap (and make no mistake, it is a trap), and now I help my clients do the same...and in so much less time.

I've worked hard to make this coaching available, in some form and delivery method, to everyone who is serious about making life less serious...and a whole lot more fun.

Check out my current Coaching Offerings, and don't hesitate to email me with any questions. The video clip below also highlights four client stories in one minute:

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