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"How Much Fun It Would Be To Be A Wild Animal From A-Z"

"How Much Fun It Would Be To Be A Wild Animal From A To Z" is the perfect gift for all the children in your life. It features over 25 beautiful illustrations and poems to educate, entertain, and energize minds with rare and wild animals like the Axolotl, Capybara, Dugong, and Lynx!


Mike Messeroff and Hannah Chavez have teamed up to bring you our second book, and specifically for all the homebound kids and their parents, we created and shared this book day by day in April 2020.

New pages were released on Mike's Instagram and here's a sample of the pages (print and coloring book editions):

A sample of the pages (print and coloring book editions):

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Mike Messeroff Headshot.jpg

Mike Messeroff


After spending a decade behind a corporate desk in NYC, and several more years bartending and traveling the world, Mike now lives in Breckenridge, CO and enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife, friends, and his best friend/Yorkshire Terrier "Rocky" (the inspiration behind "Dogs Get It" and our cover model). As Mike began discovering the world of mindfulness and spirituality, he realized that Rocky, and most dogs for that matter, naturally exhibit some of the greatest life skills and habits.

Hannah Chavez Artist and Illustrator.jpe

Hannah Chavez

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hailing from New York City, Hannah is currently focusing on her two main passions: art and animals. Working as a freelance artist and illustrator, and using her personal artwork to spread awareness about animal welfare and conservation issues, Hannah has found a way to combine her passions into a purposeful career.


A portion of her art profits are also donated to animal rescue organizations. To see more of her work, check out her website at

Rocky Messeroff.jpg

Rocky Messeroff

CEO - Canine Executive Officer

Rocky may not be the biggest guy, but he's got the biggest heart and personality and makes sure you know it. Rocky is from New York and has lived in Manhattan, St. John (US Virgin Islands), and now runs the streets of Breckenridge, Colorado.

@MikeMesseroff on Instagram

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