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"They flew here on the most sophisticated piece of technology we have ever seen,” said head scientist William Paxton. “While waiting to be officially interviewed, the alien spoke to us in multiple languages, played a piano flawlessly, and even nonchalantly gave one of our team-members medical advice…and it worked.”

When asked how they have become so advanced as a species, the alien answered, ”We’re no more intelligent than humans. To be honest, you are intellectually smarter and your brains are more advanced than ours.

However, we figured out a long time ago how much more happy we would be if we shared knowledge with each other and helped all of our citizens thrive and prosper. The energy that could have focused on war, oppression, and territorialism was redirected to healthcare, technology, and quality of life.”

The alien continued, “Humans here on earth act more like the species we evolved from…similar to your monkeys. It’s as if you have the competency, communication, and technology to work together and end misery and competition, yet you continue to view the world as not having enough and that everything must be controlled.”

The aliens quickly realized that there was nothing to learn here and got back in their spaceship and took off. They did, however, leave a final word of wisdom…

"On this first day of April, 2021, our gift to the Human Race is this formula:


Know that you are all here to be creative and compassionate beings. Respect your planet and everything on it...and everything on it will flourish and thrive."

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