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Everything You Want In Life...And How To Let It In [NEW POEM]

“Imagine for a moment,⁣

Everything you want in life.⁣

Close your eyes,⁣

Bring it to mind.⁣

Can you see it?⁣

Can you feel it?⁣

Do you know that it’s real?⁣

It becomes real when you feel,⁣

Feel it to be true. ⁣

Because what if I told you...⁣

It all is real, and it’s all here now?⁣

No need to be 111.⁣

No need to wait for heaven. ⁣

It’s here now and it’s waiting for you to let it in. ⁣

So, where to begin?⁣

How to let it in?⁣

You already know how it feels. ⁣

Now smile, and believe it to be true.⁣

Become as if it’s yours right now,⁣

And reality will bend for you.”⁣

-Mike Messeroff⁣

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