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I think I should be doing more

Not only is it a miserable sentence, but it’s more like a prison sentence. Nothing good can come from it except making yourself feel terrible.

So much of that phrase is garbage…

Stop THINKING so much.

Stop using the word SHOULD.

Stop DOING so much.

And stop hoping MORE is the “solution”.

After all, if you really “should” be “doing” more…you would get inspired to action. So much of the joy in life comes from letting go. Letting go of expectations, letting go of false beliefs, and letting go of the thinking that you should be farther along or someplace else.

Do things for the joy you get while you’re doing it…not for the outcome.

And maybe take a guilt-free nap once in a while too 🙏


“I think I should be doing more.”

Now there’s a sentence I fucking abhor.


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