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Know Your Role

Your ego is NOT you.

Your ego is a fabrication...partly necessary to function in this world and keep you alive, yet mostly just "Mind Noise" ruining your present-moment...ruining your day...and potentially ruining your life.

Your ego is a survival mechanism that keeps you alive, but it also keeps you playing VERY small because it assumes ANY risk is too much risk to take.

So, is your Ego running (and ruining) your life, or do you know that it's simply a role, an act, a mirage?

Shine a light on your ego, your inner voice, your "little self". Honor it for all it does and then feel free to tell yours to KNOW YOUR ROLE and quiet the fuck down! Then smile :)

Know Your Role:

I can't see you but I hear you loud and clear.

The voice.

Not me, but who?

Who disturbs My peace?

Who breaks the silence?

Cluttering Space with chatter.

Not gut instinct nor intuition.

Mind Noise.

I know you now.

The act, the actor.

Not me, must be you.

I'm from you.

No longer an audience feeding the fire.

Desire to live from the heart.

A role, not my soul.

A role, not my soul.

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