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“Postponing” - A Happiness Poem by Mike Messeroff


Postponing happiness is like postponing living

It's like if you want to be a giver, start right now by giving

If it's a life on the water you'd like, be sure you're living somewhere wet

Remember that civilized complacency makes most of us forget

We forget that we're here to experience life

There are still ups and downs and yes there's still strife

But your world will be filled with much more joy than sorrow

When you're not living to get through today in hopes of a better tomorrow

Making happiness a priority today

Is like telling the universe you're ready to play

Because deep down you already have a strange knowing

That spreading joy is so much easier when your own cup is overflowing

So if you want to be an actor, take a class and learn a line

If it's not fun now, will it ever be the right time?

If you want to ride horses go saddle up quick

If you desire to love life, love the learning that's the trick

And if you're lucky enough to truly know how you'd like to be spending your time

Consider doing anything else a violent crime

Violent to your soul every day you feel the blow

There's music inside you waiting to flow

I'm not saying to quit a job you dislike today

Just to be the director now and choose a direction of your play

Get very clear on the why and it becomes clear which way you're going

And if you can learn to be present, you can start making decisions from That deep knowing

So simply bring more joy into your life

Do it today and don't wait because if you were given one more year,

Would you really hesitate

And the fun part is you don't have to focus on the how

Once you know the why you could spend your energy coming back to the now

It's right here

Stop looking no need to beg steal or borrow and when you know that happiness is a choice

It's too precious to put off until tomorrow.


- Mike Messeroff

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