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Road Rage & Mindfulness and a new poem - “Enjoy The Ride”

"Enjoy The Ride" by Mike Messeroff

Remember that time you had to get there faster?

Remember that terrified mom’s face as you went flying past her.

Remember everyone on road trying to enjoy their own drives,

Watching you creep up behind, impatient, speeding, and threatening their lives.

Do you actually remember? No, you definitely do not.

You weren’t there when it happened, so there’s nothing you forgot.

You were so in your own head, you couldn’t look around and enjoy the day.

You were in such a rush to get there, You missed the journey, the fun, the play.

If you’re speeding on the roads you’re most likely speeding through your life.

Doing everything you can to get “there” quicker, regardless of pain or strife.

So take a moment, take in the beauty...notice that tenseness you feel inside.

This life is here whether or not you’re here as take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

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