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Santa is Real

"Santa is real".

Once you believed this to be...

Absolute Truth with a capital T,

Think back and what other "Truths" were later revealed,

To be just a facade, a story...something being concealed?

So is it possible that other Truths you firmly hold,

Are not quite as true as the Truths you've been sold?

Let's take just one, as there are countless more.

Think about who you are, right down to your core.

Your name, nationality, even religion...

Aren't these all things that you were given?

This isn't an insult, a knock on your pride,

Just a message to look deeper, at who you are inside.

As you first emerge from the cave, unplug from the matrix,

Know that shock and disbelief are normal…denial is basic.

But once the veil has been lifted, you can never go back,

You start questioning every "Truth" you've been told is a fact.

And now you can question more because you know the deal,

Truths may not be true...children know that Santa is real.


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