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Shirtless in Aruba

My client specifically started this off by saying that this was a genuine (and not an underhanded) compliment...and I truly take it that way.

As a Personal Freedom Coach, I help others live lives they could never have dreamed of. Lives with purpose, fulfillment, and so much JOY!

I also help them realize that the only way to lead others is to lead by example and fill their own cup first.

So yes, this is a funny quote but also one I truly love.

Are you ready to find out what "Personal Freedom" means to YOU? Don't hesitate to reach's simply too short to be unhappy.


"I commend you on carving out a career where you can work shirtless in Aruba.

You are setting the standard, the ideal for what is available when you set your mind to something.

You're not just're walking the walk."


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