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Sometimes You Need A Big Alarm

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I searched "Men and Mindfulness" in a Google session,

and the results paled in comparison to a search for “Men and Depression."

I immediately asked “Why could this be?”

Then realized the answer was easy to see...

It’s because we're trained to seek medicine instead of discovering health.

Just as we’re taught to value paper over actual wealth.

So many children are scolded to “stop asking why,”

when actually that’s the gift that would allow them to fly.

It‘s no wonder, as we get older, we never develop the skill...

Become aware of ourselves? No, let’s keep the cycle going...react...pop a pill.

Depression and anxiety don’t show up to be silenced, having their existence denied.

In fact, quite the opposite, those emotions are acting as a guide.

Energy in motion...signposts telling which direction to steer. When you are quiet and you listen, these messages are easy to hear.

However, when you‘re not present, these warnings get really loud to prevent further harm.

Because sometimes, to wake up, you need a mighty big alarm.

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