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Throw out your To Do List!

I’ll say it…I am a recovering “list addict”.

I used to love lists…I’d have a list to organize my lists, and I sometimes put already-accomplished tasks on there just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off…

And after years of practice, I am still weaning myself off of lists…yet, thankfully, I also practice patience and grace too.

Because lists suck.

And they often do the opposite of what the intention was…to be efficient, productive, and to not forget anything important.

But haven’t you noticed that the truly “important” things always get done…sometimes without any effort or needing-to-remember?

A list is a sign of DISTRUST in the universe. It’s like saying “I know exactly what I need to do, without any guidance”…while the universe not only knows what you want, but also knows the MOST FUN “Path Of Least Resistance” to bring you there joyfully.

It may not be the “quickest path”, but who cares? What’s the rush? Where do you need to go so fast that you miss the beautiful unfolding of your journey along the way?

Just try it…try living in flow…try trusting your own guidance system…try throwing out the list.

And just see what happens 💫💫💫


I put everything down on my to do list today…

Then I crumpled it up and threw it away.


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