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Today I know, today I flow

Smile if you’re happy about life today!

Smile if you’re unhappy about life today!

It’s the only way to either enjoy it or have it change. It’s not about forcing and effort, but instead focusing on being present and finding joy anyway and anywhere you can…and NOW.



If you believe, in any way, that the way you think and feel affects your life…do what you can to choose happiness as your way of being right now.

Then watch as the world around you changes to match your vibration.


Today I know.

Today I flow.

No where to be,

No where to go.

I will have fun,

I will enjoy the ride.

And if worry seeps in,

I will let it subside.

Because today I am free,

Today I am me.

And today,

I am exactly where I am meant to be.


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