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What if no one tells you that life is hard... or unfair... or a struggle What if you never lose the imagination you have right now? And anything your wildest dreams can conjure up can become reality? What if you knew that you were here to enjoy life, follow your passion, and be a unique creator? What if to conform is not the norm? What if your teachers ask you what you want to learn about? What if there is never anything to figure out or accomplish. What if you are taught that you are the endpoint of millions of years of evolution... with gifts that no one in history has ever been blessed with? What if your existence alone is cause to celebrate everyday... A 1-in-400 trillion phenomenon called “you”? What if the concept of ‘work hard play hard’ makes you burst with laughter... Knowing life is supposed to be fun without having to prove your worth ever? What if you knew there was a heaven... And you are in it right now? What if you always view every day, every sunrise and sunset, every animal, person, tree, plant, and flower always with the same sense of wonder you do right now? What if you learn now to use your mind to trust your heart? What if… Little one.. What if?

- Mike Messeroff Inspired by my nieces and nephews.

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