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You don’t expect me to enjoy work, do you?

How can you ever know yourself, or what you truly desire in this life, if you never take the time to get to know yourself?

In a word…meditate.


Work is something we all have to do.

You don’t really expect me to enjoy, do you?

My parents grinded it out, and so did theirs…

And they want me to be happy...everyone cares.

They want me to succeed, so they imposed their will.

But something feel off…I’m missing the thrill.

I’m missing that feeling of being alive…

Not just eking out living…a burning to thrive.

A desire for more enjoyment…a life more fulfilling.

Day after day at this job…too many days I am giving.

But I’m over medication,



Okay, I give in…

I’ll try meditation.


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