Part Biography / Part Philosophy,

Inspiring others by being me (and living free):

Light one up, sip some wine, you may as well join in.

This is me, authentic, no BS, now let us begin.


And if you want to work together, better to know who I am, no surprises.

Because I always am who I am, never any disguises. 


I help coach people towards freedom, and that includes mindfulness tasks.

But just as importantly...I teach the art of not wearing any masks.


There's joy in discovering who you are, because then to yourself, you can be true...

Otherwise, aren't you letting others determine happiness for you?

The path I am on is the right one, but it's new...

Just a few years ago, I was lost and I didn't know what to do...


I'm a regular guy from New York, and I followed the path I was told was right...

College upstate, then back to the big city, pursuing business to prove my worth and might.

I learned a lot, met friends, and even made some money.

Everything was going great and I was supposed to be happy...but I wasn't. Like a joke that isn't funny.

It felt like I was living my life, but I wasn't really there or present.

I'd walk by a mirror and fear there'd be no reflection...can you relate to a feeling so unpleasant?

A decade later, and still working corporate...but the feelings grew and I knew there was more.

So, thanks to my wife as the catalyst we packed in all in, and moved to Caribbean with crystal blue seas and a white, sandy shore.

We didn't look back and I did not miss the office, not at all...

Moving from behind a desk to behind a bar, it was fun all the way to last call.
From St. John in the Virgin Islands, it was off to Australia, and then New Zealand too.

With stops in Fiji and Indonesia...traveling was a joy, and the time flew.

Our last big trip took us to high up in the Rockies, it's where we still live today...

Breckenridge, Colorado...a sweet place to spend time and to play.

But in this little paradise is really where I became informed...

It took me feeling really bad to begin feeling great...this is where I transformed.

Three years into our time here, and I hit an all-time low...

I was not fun to be around, it was not fun to be me, but I didn't know where to go.

I was living a life that was once fun, but now something felt amiss...
As they do, anxiety and depression appeared, and I knew there was more to life than "this"...


Those emotions were there for a reason...alarm bells shouting, forcing me to notice this dis-ease...
No more drowning it out, drinking it away, or popping a pill...I finally heard the screams..."LISTEN TO US PLEASE!"
So I did, and I found some help, and through simply talking it out...
I got introduced to mindfulness and learned what this "meditating stuff" is all about.

And by doing so it simply turned my life around, unlocked the door...
To a new way of thinking, or "unthinking"...and permission to explore.
Permission to question...and simply ask WHY.
Why are things the way they are and do those rules still apply?

The first week I sat and meditated, I had this incredible realization...

If I can step back and watch my thoughts...I can see them as figments of my imagination.

So if my thoughts aren't real, I don't have to follow each and every one.

And the lightbulb went off...not only could life be fun, but my new life had just begun.


From there I couldn't stop...reading and absorbing like a sponge.

I clearly took the red pill, no going back...I took the plunge.

Meditation led to gratitude, and then manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

"Why is all of this not be taught to every human?" I often thought with dissatisfaction.

Now, I loved this journey I was on and wanted to surround myself with more,

Because it felt like I always had this boat I was in...but finally decided to pick up the oar.

So I met some new friends and we started a book club, to hold ourselves accountable and for deeper chats,

It was great, but it became obvious the scales were tipped when it came to the gender stats.

Mostly women were showing up, and I started to investigate.

It turned out that the guys were interested...but to a book club, not many could relate.

Further analysis led to me to conclude...

There's a stark lack of support that's available for a dude!

So here I am, being me...and I hope you now can feel,

How unrecognizable I am since before knowing "my thoughts are not real".

But it really goes so much deeper than what I have been showing.

It's the deep inner peace, the trust, and the knowing.

The fact that I'm unrecognizable to myself is what's most shocking,

And with a busy mind now at rest, more secrets have begun unlocking.

Now I'm eagerly guiding men towards presence, purpose, and joy.

Sharing an arsenal of tools for them to practice and employ.

Speaking of employment, it's important to say,

I also love helping blur the lines between work and play.

So whether you're looking for health, wealth, or love...

I hope you begin your journey now...you are worthy of all of the above.

Thanks for listening and learning why I'm here, doing this now...

You can do whatever you want too...just focus on the why, not the how.

And I will leave you with one question...let it land, and let it burn.

Ask yourself how can you ever know who you really are, if you never take the time to learn.


So here are some of my philosophies...just mine...no need for debate.

All I ask is that as you read...ask yourself if you can relate:



Life is all about relationships and love...deep down everyone knows.
So I've decided to love unconditionally, all in...and not just dipping my toes.
My wife of over a decade and I are in an open relationship...specifically, we're polyamorous.
This means we can also love others, which you may think horrific or glamorous.
It's the belief there's no finite "bubble" of love…the same as how we love our parents, our kids, and our pets.
It's a choice and you may say it's a gamble...but, it's love, and in love...everyone bets.
What's most important, is to first know who you are, and then you can start attracting.
Because then it's simply a matter of being yourself…naturally happy and confident…no acting.

And just a quick note about my other loves, who mean so much to me.

Weighing in at a combined 15 pounds, my Yorkies Rocky and Lela, aka "Sweet Lee"!



As for religion, you'll only see me in a temple or church on a very special occasion.

And since I consider nature my temple...that's where I'll be daily for contemplation.

I'll also be there for celebration...that God is everywhere, and all around.

God is you and God is me, the universe, the sky, the ground.

Once I realized this, I began to feel more connected than ever before.

Connected to everything, to people, to nature, connected to so much more.

So if you're religious, no need to worry that we won't get along.

Just know that I respect guys like Buddha and Jesus. They had it right all along...



Here's another big one, that brings up so many questions.

For starters, why is it we are sent to school...without ever asking for OUR suggestions?

What I mean by that is that wouldn't the fire truly be burning?

If we asked every student out there...what is it that YOU would like to be learning?

If education focused on the differences that make us each unique...

Competition would dissolve, as EVERY child would focus on climbing their own peak.

Instead, we put our attention on grades over the joys of learning something new.

So let's flip this...then everyone, for their entire life, would naturally love learning too.



As someone who studied business, I believe this is another tall tale...

When we're taught to build a plan, a business, a team...raise a bunch of money before ever making a sale.

And if we're lucky, we can try to create something based on an interest we enjoy.

But you have to ask, is simply an interest in something enough to warrant employ?

Starting a business or creative endeavor,

is not at all about being the most clever.

It's about finding your passion and genius, the thing you truly love and where you excel,

So when you're doing it, you're flowing, it's creative, it's fun...and that's when you really sell!

The "business" comes after, building structure as you need,

Because a business in bloom won't be fun, if it's not fun while you're planting the seed.


Food, Drinks, and Vices

As I've mentioned before, I do drink and smoke pot,

I won't make a lame joke and pretend I forgot :)

I don't see any problems with enjoying life's vices.

You're the chef of your life, and the world is full of different spices.

That said, the key is to truly know who you are, why you do what you do, and to not live in fear...

To make decisions from presence and consciousness...not from your ego, society, or a peer.

As for my diet, I'm more conscious now than ever,

When I think back to when I did eat meat...the justifications were clever.

And again, I'm not here to preach, just encourage you always ask why and not just take instruction...

We love our pets so much, but turn a blind to other animals and so much destruction.

So that's it! I truly hope you can relate to some of the things I have said...

And if you can, perhaps it's time to wake up from "our Matrix"...and remove those wires from your head :)

-Mike Messeroff
Updated August 2020

Passionately coaching, writing, and creating from my home in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Stay happy, healthy, and positive all!!



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