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​Hi there, I'm Mike...


It took years for me to embrace myself as The Polyamorous Personal Freedom Coach, but I now can't help but boldly acknowledge that the lifestyle I lead is one of the main factors in my life of freedom.

Mike Messeroff Namaskar - Stormy Solis Photography BW.jpg

Embracing relationships based on trust, communication, and honesty instead of jealousy, attachment, and possessiveness is one of the major reasons why I have been able to grow so much in life. It also gave me the time and solitude to embrace a life of mindfulness and spirituality, and help guide others toward their own unique definitions of "Personal Freedom", whether they consider themselves to be polyamorous or not.

Breaking free from Corporate America, traveling the world, and skiing a hundred days a year still led me to a place of emptiness and depression. I had to discover for myself that happiness couldn't be found in those places or activities. It was missing, or at least hidden, within me.

Mike Messeroff and Rocky - Alisa Messeroff Photography Small_edited.jpg

Discovering mindfulness, practicing meditation, and embracing a life of polyamory (which to me simply means more love), have all helped me discover so much clarity and joy in my life, and I simply have to share this with others.


Now, I passionately write and coach based on this continuous journey of my own unwinding and disengaging from the grind, embracing a life of openness and love, discovering peace in the present moment, and becoming a better version of myself every day and for everyone around me.

And I'm glad you're here.

Read my full story, "There has to be more to life than this" on Substack.

Mike, Alisa, and Paul

Here's a photo of me, my wife Alisa, and her boyfriend Paul. Paul and I have become great (and platonic) friends who share a deep love for the same woman.

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