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Hi, I'm Mike!

As a Stress-Relief Expert, I help leaders Elevate Employee Morale, Catapult Customer Satisfaction, and Propel Profitability.

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In an increasingly fast-paced and digital world, I am dedicated to "bringing humanity back to humanity" and focus on guiding leaders to experience more joy and presence within their lives and teams.

Whether engaging with groups in-person or virtually, from the stage or in a Workshop, Executive Brief, Lunch and Learn, Fireside Chat, On-Site or Off-Site Retreat, my talks are engaging, powerful, and memorable. You can be sure that I'll become a part of your team and focus on your goals to help make your event a wild success!


Along with my electric energy, I'll explain how to make life and business easier with:

  • Captivating and engaging stories

  • Memorable and powerful exercises and activities

  • Thought-provoking and actionable words and wisdom.

Topics I speak on include the practice of mindfulness, techniques for tapping into creativity, growth mindset, flow states and nonresistance, meditation, humanity in a digital world, emotional regulation, and inspiring high-performing teamwork through an appreciation of individuality while learning to not take things personally.


The widespread results include increased productivity, fulfillment, and contentment in both the workplace and in life, more engagement and retention, and an enhanced customer/guest experience. This all leads to increased sales and profitability.


Joyful leaders and employees create loyal customers.

It's that simple and I cannot wait to show you how.

Click here to book a call. I'd be thrilled to chat about your needs and determine if it's a great fit!

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"Working with Mike has been nothing short of life-changing, and I can't recommend him enough. It's hard for me to overstate how good things are and business doubled in revenue this year from working smarter and having more fun than ever!"

Otto Abad - President, Associated Food Equipment and Supply Company

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