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"Dogs Get It: Advice I learned from my best friend" is an illustrated coffee-table book featuring dog illustrations and mindful poems, sharing the wisdom and inspiration of our four-legged friends to live a more mindful, joyful life...right now.

The gorgeous illustrations are the creations of the talented artist, Hannah Chavez, and the poems are written by Mike Messeroff. As Mike began discovering the world of mindfulness and spirituality, he realized that his dog "Rocky", and most dogs for that matter, naturally exhibit some of the greatest life skills and habits.

​While this is not a "children's book", we encourage you to share it with children everywhere and of all ages. Thank you for supporting this art and helping to spread our message of joy and mindfulness!

If you happen to be in or near Summit County, Colorado, please stop by our biggest local supporter, Next Page Books, for your copy of "Dogs Get It". Otherwise, convenient shipping options are below.

Available in Soft or Hardcover
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