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"Dogs Get It: Advice I learned from my best friend" is an illustrated coffee-table book featuring dog illustrations and mindful poems, sharing the wisdom and inspiration of our four-legged friends to live a more mindful, joyful life...right now.

The gorgeous illustrations are the creations of the talented artist, Hannah Chavez, and the poems are written by Mike Messeroff. As Mike began discovering the world of mindfulness and spirituality, he realized that his dog "Rocky", and most dogs for that matter, naturally exhibit some of the greatest life skills and habits.

​While this is not a "children's book", we encourage you to share it with children everywhere and of all ages. Thank you for supporting this art and helping to spread our message of joy and mindfulness!

If you happen to be in or near Summit County, Colorado, please stop by our biggest local supporter, Next Page Books, for your copy of "Dogs Get It". Otherwise, convenient shipping options are below.

Available in Soft or Hardcover
*FREE Shipping w/$60+ Purchase

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This high-quality book is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one,

with over 25 beautiful illustrations and poems for you to enjoy, share, and remember throughout your day.


*Books are printed on-demand and then shipped, so please have patience and thank you for supporting independent authors and artists!

Amy D Headshot.jpg

Amy from New York

"Dogs Get It is a beautiful, heartwarming coffee table book to help you on your journey to mindfulness."

Lauren F Headshot.jpg

Lauren from Delaware

"This book is such a beautiful reminder of how important it is to be mindful and present in everyday life, and my kids absolutely loved it!"

Connie E. Headshot.jpg

Connie from Colorado

"I love so much about this book! It's a fabulous inspirational book that speaks to most anyone, especially dog lovers!"

Check out this beautiful mini-documentary created by TV8 Summit and featuring "Dogs Get It"!

*Note that I now coach and write full-time and I also now coach men and women.


Mike Messeroff Headshot.jpg

Mike Messeroff


After spending a decade behind a corporate desk in NYC, and several more years bartending and traveling the world, Mike now splits his time between Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Breckenridge, Colorado. He enjoys a slower life; writing, guiding others, always learning, being in nature, and spending time with his wife, close friends, and his Yorkshire Terrier "Lela" (whose name means Play and she lives up to it)! Wherever Mike is and whatever he is doing, he always brings the memory and wisdom of his sweet "Rocky" boy with him (Rocky is the inspiration behind "Dogs Get It" and our incredibly yhandsome cover model).

Hannah Chavez Artist and Illustrator.jpe

Hannah Chavez

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Hailing from New York City, Hannah is currently focusing on her two main passions: art and animals. Working as a freelance artist and illustrator, and using her personal artwork to spread awareness about animal welfare and conservation issues, Hannah has found a way to combine her passions into a purposeful career.


A portion of her art profits are also donated to animal rescue organizations. To see more of her work, check out her website at

Rocky Messeroff.jpg

Rocky Messeroff

CEO - Canine Executive Officer

Rocky was never the biggest guy, but always had the biggest heart and personality, and made sure you knew it. Rocky is from New York and lived in Manhattan, Long Island, the US Virgin Islands, Aruba, Breckenridge, and Costa Rica. He will forever be the son of Mike and Alisa, brother of Lela, and a friend and wise teacher to all who knew him and all who continue to be inspired by him. After a long and wonderful life, Rocky passed on to a new adventure in August 2024, and he will always be with us in our hearts. Thank you Rocky for all you have given us and continue to share with us.

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